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eLearning Platform for TUF Mentor Training

Mentoring is a proven effective way to support our youths in their personal growth and development. TUF developed this e-Learning platform to walk with our Mentors and Partner School Teachers along the meaningful path of embedding mentorship in the pedagogy and effective student support on campus.

Complementing our offline training sessions, we collated a series of systematic learning materials for this online platform to help learners methodically adopt the TUF mentoring approach. The materials are arranged in modules which will guide you through the course, providing a comprehensive view on the mindset, concepts, knowledge and skills one can learn and practise to become an effective mentor. Learners can also refer to our library of case studies for additional insight. At the end of modules, there are review exercises to assess understanding and mastery of the content.

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Education Think Tank - TUF English Mentoring & Learning Support Program (Junior & Senior Secondary)

TUF English Mentoring & Learning Support Program is implemented at each of its Partner Schools in accordance with individual school needs. Each of the learning experiences aims to address the individual learning and developmental needs of students, in particular learning attitude, learning motivation, and self-esteem.

Building on existing good practices in mentoring through English language learning support in and out of the classroom, Program Mentors hope to provide students with better access to meaningful and coherent learning experiences, as well make suggestions on ways to maximize the program impact through thoughtful curriculum planning.

The Dynamic Learning Experience material in Education Think Tank includes,

  1. Program Development Guide;
  2. One exemplar set for Junior Secondary (curriculum and simplified lesson plans of 39 hours sessions);
  3. One exemplar set for Senior Secondary (curriculum and simplified lesson plans of 39 hours sessions);
  4. and relevant supplements, explanatory notes, appendices and other materials related to the above.
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TUF Online Tracking System (OTS)

We are for education with a holistic perspective, and firmly believe that progress in the personal growth and development of students is as important as their academic results, if not more.

To support our unique mentorship program, since 2014, TUF has adopted and continually innovates our proprietary tool to methodically record and track such progress. We call it the "OTS".

How does it work?

Focusing primarily on Learning Attitude, Learning Motivation and Self-esteem, and secondarily on English Capabilities, the OTS was established to assess students' performance and track their progress in these distinct areas. Mentors and Teachers will fill out an online tracking form to timestamp every student's behaviours during or after each interaction or activity under the comprehensive mentorship program. The form captures their observations on student’s behaviour, as well as the frequency and intensity of such behaviour.

A profile is maintained for each student within the database, and users can check and monitor the progress anytime conveniently. The combination of these behaviour-based datas, collected regularly and consistently over the school year, will generate descriptive statistics to show the change in each student.